Canadian Real Estate Landscape Changing Again Because Boomers Need Income
Canadian Real Estate Landscape Changing Again Because Boomers Need Income

The Hunt for income Is The Main Reason Canadian real estate is outperforming expected norms

Oh yes, the Baby Boomers are at it again. Being the largest cohort of the population in North American history, we baby boomers have changed every industry and every financial vehicle we have touched.  We witnessed it changing the dynamics of the automobile industry (yes, you can blame us for the mini-van), you witnessed us change the food industry (yes, blame us for the industrialization of food), and you even witnessed us changing the real estate industry.

Now we are changing the demand curve in the financial world. We baby boomers are aging, looking to slow down or even retire; however, it is at the exact time that interest rates are at record lows, returns on bonds and GIC’s are below inflation and our income replacement plans aren’t turning out quite as we expected. In previous generations, the retirement income plan seemed rather simple – take your savings, put it in a nice 7-10% yielding bond, and live off the avails of your hard work.

Today baby boomers will be looking for investments to replace their income, and as the highest net worth cohort in history, who have had the highest average incomes at the same time, most of them will not be settling for below average returns. I call this shift the “Hunt for Yield”.  Here is a link to my latest analysis on how that is changing our Canadian real estate market and how it is going to affect you and your ability to be successful in real estate investing.

The Hunt For Yield Is a Game Changer
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With all of the current changes in the market, now is a great time to review “The Secrets of the Canadian Real Estate Cycle” book, now available, at a discount, on Amazon AND 100% of author royalties still go directly to the charity Habitat for Humanity (click the link below):






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One Response to “Canadian Real Estate Landscape Changing Again Because Boomers Need Income”

Jack says:

December 2, 2015 at 2:43 am

just bought your book “secret of the canadian real estate cycle” recently, love the information inside and the perspective on each different cycle. I find chapter 13 “setting goal” especially useful for new investor like myself. Thanks.


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