Four Indelible Truths To Help You Radically Improve Your Personal Life And Financial Wealth
Four Indelible Truths To Help You Radically Improve Your Personal Life And Financial Wealth

A guest blog post from Steve McKnight of 

It’s traditional at this time of year to think about setting goals and identifying changes you’d like make in your life over the year ahead.

So, with this in mind, here are four indelible truths to help you radically improve your personal life and financial wealth.

Truth #1
Change – While You Can!

We’ve all made seemingly sincere resolutions on New Year’s Eve, only to break them within minutes, hours or days thereafter. Why do we do that? The answer is that, at the time of making the resolutions we think they’re promises, when in actual fact they’re wishes.

A promise is a commitment, and by it’s nature it’s not an easy thing to keep. It requires sacrifice. It requires work. On the other hand, a wish is something where we want the benefit without having to do much, if any, of the the work fairly needed to acquire it.

And here’s the truth… when it becomes apparent that the reward won’t come as easily as you wished (that is, you once again couldn’t get the reward without first doing the hard work), you’ll give up because you never really wanted it badly enough in the first place.

Why is it then that every so often a resolution which starts out like a wish manages to evolve into a promise, and thereafter into a positive life change? The answer is because, for that person, in that circumstance, the pain associated with taking action towards the desired outcome was less than the pain associated with doing nothing.

In other words, the level of pain needed to change became greater than the level of pain associated with doing nothing. This is a phenomenon that is the exact opposite to the way most people live their lives, most of the time. For instance, if I told you that you had to lose five kilos in a month or you’d die, then now the pain associated with failure is enough to motivate you to say no to the unnecessary Tim Tam.

So here’s the lesson: if you want this to be a year when you finally stop talking and actually take action towards goals you’ve always wanted, stop wishing and start identifying the painful consequences of doing nothing.

Truth #2
Input Equals Output

Newton’s law of motion says that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The bible says, as you sow, so shall you reap. Common sense says that you don’t get something for nothing. It’s reasonable then to expect that you have to contribute the effort first, and only then can you get the benefit. Too often we have it the wrong way around – we want the reward first, and then we’ll do the hard work second.

For example, people often say they would work harder if they were paid more, when, in fact, first comes the hard work, then comes the higher pay.

Do you want to be able to find the truly great deals – the juiciest and most profitable opportunities? They’re there for sure, and a handful of investors will make a fortune while the majority wish for better luck. No one is going to gift you great deals… it’s up to you to work hard to find them.

Where are you cheating in life, expecting a full time outcome but only contributing a part time effort? Your marriage? Your family? Your money? How’s that working for you? When will you change?

Truth #3
Do It Now

I don’t like the word ‘potential’, because in my mind it speaks of unused talent. In many ways, a person’s potential reflects their laziness. What would you rather someone say about you? “He has so much potential”, or, “She did far more than I thought her capable?” How much potential sits untapped in your life? How much of it has gone stale and has turned to regret or wasted opportunity?

Carpe diem my friend – seize the day! Take action. Do something. Don’t let this be a year of potential… work hard and make it a year of progress.

Make a list of ten things you want to promise (not wish) to get done in this year – big and small, it doesn’t matter. Look at this list every morning, and, as you achieve something, add another item to the list. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ve achieved.

Truth #4
Generosity Is Infectious

The best way to get what you want is to first plant the seeds of it in someone else’s life. Want to be happier? First make others happy. What to be wealthy? Help others make wealth. Want more friends? First be a better friend to others.

With this in mind, I have a challenge for you that will ensure this year is among your most prosperous years ever. What is it? Well, be more generous than you ever have been before, and just watch how much generosity you receive in return.

No I’m not talking about giving all your money away… I’m talking about taking advantage of the opportunities that appear almost daily to bless others. It might be a kind word, or a kind gesture. If you take advantage of these, soon you will prove true the law that says: in order to have abundance, you must first be abundant to others.

And there you have it… four indelible truths that, if followed, are certain to positively transform you life this year, and beyond.

On behalf of the team at, Happy New Year! We
hope this is a year a financial and personal prosperity, and good
health too. God bless.

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One Response to “Four Indelible Truths To Help You Radically Improve Your Personal Life And Financial Wealth”

Dean Duperron says:

January 25, 2011 at 5:16 am

Like any success, effort equals reward.


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