Future of Alberta Real Estate March Webinar
Future of Alberta Real Estate March Webinar

Calgary Real Estate Market Performance is GREAT For Those Who Study Markets

Well here we sit, the beginning of March already – time seems to fly even more quickly when there is turmoil in the economy or the real estate market.

We are now at approximately Month 8 of the oil price slide and that historically triggers a couple of more reactions in the housing market – (month 9 is often the most critical). So why is the Calgary Real Estate Market so GREAT for ‘market geeks’ like me? Simply because it is performing almost exactly to the underlying ‘textbook’ theory of how a market is to perform under these circumstances. In fact, since 2006, it has done EXACTLY that – perform perfectly given the underlying economic drivers and influencers (as discussed in the book “The Secrets of The Canadian Real Estate Cycle.”)

The high listings, lack of buyers in January and February, reflecting in fewer transactions and continued increase in listings. As oil confusion continues, as will this trend. New home builders beginning to slow down, should decrease average sale price into the spring, which will then awaken a few of the more aggressive buyers.

This confusion around the market must have been the catalyst for such a huge audience for my webinar on “The Current and Future of Alberta Real Estate” . I have received quite a number of requests for the recording of it to re-listen to and to share with friends and family.

So, as requested, here is a full recording of the audio of “Future Of Alberta’s Real Estate Market Webinar” http://info.reincanada.com/don-webinar-alberta‚Ķ

To get it free (As well as an additional link to a 40 minute video talk I gave that helps provide even further research) Head to the link above and fill in the 4 boxes on the left. That’s it.

Right now is a great time to get grounded in reality – you never know you might see an opportunity or 2 along the way or you may just want to bail out of the market

(Feel free to share it, the more who are grounded not in the headlines, but in reality, the better it is for all)

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Rohan Gupta says:

March 7, 2015 at 9:27 am

thanks for share with us this informative blog i sure your this blog will help me in my real estate business thanks a lot.


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