Housing Bubble In Canada: Real Or Not? [VIDEO BLOG]
Housing Bubble In Canada: Real Or Not? [VIDEO BLOG]

With all the headlines flashing on the web and print news across the country and North America, the word is out that the housing bubble here in Canada is going to burst, and soon. But is the so-called bubble that we are residents of really what the major news players have made it out to be?

I sit down in this video to lay out the facts based solely around economic fundamentals on whether or not the housing bubble is a myth. So press play and find out the truth behind the headlines. As I always say, it’s imperative to check out “What’s Behind The Curtain.”

CLICK HERE for a radio interview on the housing market with CKNW’s Bill Good

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2 Responses to “Housing Bubble In Canada: Real Or Not? [VIDEO BLOG]”

Big B says:

January 26, 2011 at 8:59 pm

Many first time home buyers are going to get hurt following your advice. It’s b/c they don’t really know how to follow your advice and to use logical thinking to ascertain the risk which lie before them. They are more propelled by social normals of home ownership, which will lead them to a debt cycle.


Beverly says:

February 2, 2011 at 5:54 pm

I loved this so much,it’s to the point! I’m so tired of the frenzy the media can create! I’m taking this information and trying to educate buyers in Milton, Ontario. Thanks again Don, great job!


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