2011 REIN™ Award Winners
2011 REIN™ Award Winners



With 2011 closed out and the 2012 here to stay, new beginnings are aflight – this an exciting time for everyone. Looking back on the year that was 2011, there has been some tremendous progress, leadership, and hard work accomplished by so many individuals in the REIN™ community. These are the people taking all the necessary steps to propel themselves towards success, and to aid in the success of others.

At our recent REIN™ Kick-Off Conferences held throughout the month of January in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto, we recognized these shining stars at our annual REIN™ Awards. For their hard work and dedication, we would like to recognize each person and congratulate them on a prosperous and successful year.

This year’s winners are:

2011 Rookie of the Year

These are Members who have not only taken substantial action during their first 17 months with REIN™, but who have also proven to embody the REIN™ spirit by giving back to the group and helping others.

Dean Duperron
– Pacific

Andrew Brennan
– East

Patrick & Dawn Ewan – Praries North
Eddy Kornelsen – Prairies South


2011 Michael Millenaar Memorial Leadership Award

These are Members who have, in 2011, gone above and beyond the call of duty in assisting other Members to become successful in their real estate acquisitions. They have willingly completed selfless acts, shared their knowledge, made others feel welcome, and done it all without ever asking for anything in return. Truly someone who understands the philosophy of : “The More You Give, The More You Get In Return.”

Thomas Beyer
– Pacific Region

Chris Davies & Brent Davies
– Prairies North

Quentin D’Souza – East

Wade Graham – Prairies South


2011 Leslie Cluff Memorial Player of the Year Award

These are Members who have embodied the critical aspects of REIN™ success. They have taken substantial action during the year by investing in a large number of properties. They have also assisted many others in doing the same, either through education, mentoring, encouragement or Joint Ventures.

Rinco Chan, Peter Cheung &
Wendy Cheung – Pacific

Mark Gonneau – East

Robert McLeod – Prairies North
Domenic Mandato – Prairies South


2011 RONA Renovator of the Year Award

These are Members who have focused on buying and renovating properties. They have used their expertise and talents to transform below-average properties into useable and welcoming homes. By doing so they have not only impacted their own bottom line but, in many cases, have impacted tenants or buyers by providing neat and clean homes they could never have enjoyed otherwise.

Nick Derksen & Scott Street
– Pacific

Maribel & Victor Pelka
– Prairies North
Neill & Lynda Taniguchi – Prairies South

Christina Catana & Aaron Moore
– East


Top Players for 2011

Every year, REIN™ Members celebrate their accomplishments. These awards are specifically for buying real estate. We award these based on the properties faxed into the REIN™ Office on the official 17-3 Properties Purchased Form.

Pacific Region
Peter Cheung
Dean Duperron
Wendy Cheung
Rinco Chan
Michael Ponte
Alison Behrner
Ali Jamal
Johanne Larose
Andy Balser
Trevor Welton

Prairies North Region:
Jim Gemmell
Robert McLeod
Kevin & Kendra Matwichuk
Maribel & Victor Pelka
Jeff Gunther
Todd Millar
Patrick & Dawn Ewan

Prairies South Region:
Lynda & Neill Taniguchi
Sandra Smith
John Peacock
Hollis Sylvester
Eddy Kornelsen
Darcy Marler
David & Diane Sandbrand
Domenic Mandato

East Region:
Lukas Wywrot
John Beddome
Aaron Moore
Christina Catana
Quentin D’Souza
Matt Christie
Jeff Woods
Johnny Miller
Jules & Ange McKenzie
Andrew Brennan
Mark Gonneau
Tyler Pearson

Congratulations once again to all our award winners. Keep striving for excellence in all aspects of your life, be it personal, business, or financial.

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