Calgary Flood Information – Your Time To Shine And Support Those in Need
Calgary Flood Information – Your Time To Shine And Support Those in Need

Hey Real Estate Investment Network Community – It's time to shine and support our fellow Members who are currently experiencing a real life disaster zone in Southern Alberta and Calgary region.

Every small and large action can help in situations like this. It's rally time, for instance:

#1 – If you have a dry room for sleeping, a dry storage space for fellow Members' stuff', a dry parking spot for RV/car etc. PLEASE post it at in the Calgary Flood section or on our Facebook page.

#2 – REIN Members covered under REIN Guard Insurance – AVIVA's disaster team is ready for you at 1-866-692-8482 to report claims, get questions answers and provide you assistance. It will be a BUSY time for insurance companies across the country, so best to take action now.

#3 – Renovators, people with trucks, strong bodies, strong minds – whatever you've got that would be useful to assist fellow REIN Members, post it on in the Calgary Flood Section.

And PLEASE PLEASE check on your tenants. Many will be 'lost' as they won't have insurance (despite your insistence), many in Calgary will be rather new to the city and therefore lack a support network, stressed, wondering what's next. Give them support where you can, information on emergency housing, a warm cup of coffee and blankets.

Calgary is really pulling together, now REIN Members can support each other even further. I'm already seeing so much help being offered by Members, maybe we can force multiply this effort when we combine it.

We have postponed the Monday Calgary REIN Workshop for a couple of weeks (YES, I will still be there 🙂 ), so Members can focus on the immediate issues at hand. The Tuesday Edmonton Event will go on as planned.

Stay safe out there and lend your neighbour and anyone in need a helping hand.

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