Always Be Aware of “Caveat Emptor” in Real Estate
Always Be Aware of “Caveat Emptor” in Real Estate

This Week’s Must Reads

There is just so much good information out there, that it is possible to do nothing but read and research.  That’s why I have embarked on a “Best Of The REIN Blog” Post every couple of weeks, so you don’t miss out on some key information that may have passed under your radar.

This week we cover “Renovation Secrets” as well as veteran’s look at “Caveat Emptor” in real estate investing. (Yes, this is critically important).

Enjoy the reads:

And if you are considering diving into a renovations, make sure you read this cautionary tale:


If you have any real life real estate stories, lessons or experiences you’d like to share with other investors. Please feel free to send them to and we will be glad to review them.



Always Be Aware of “Caveat Emptor” in Real Estate was last modified: April 6th, 2015 by Don R. Campbell

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