Distractions Are Disrupting Investors Now More Than Ever
Distractions Are Disrupting Investors Now More Than Ever

If You Want To Be a True Strategic Investor, you MUST Not Get Distracted The Way Everyone Else Does!

Part of my keynote this past week in both Toronto and Ottawa events was anchored in how we in Canada get easily distracted by nonsense, noise and ridiculousness. Stories that take a life on their own, or are part of someone’s agenda,  Stories in the media that get so overblown that we get ourselves in an heightened emotional state for no REAL reason other than we are told to be.

And this emotional state distracts us and shuts us down from taking action in our REAL lives.

Take for instance the current Senate audit and trial.  $20+ Million spent, to uncover $1,000,000 of incorrect expense claims.  Now, in what world does that make sense? And people are not upset by that math, they are only upset over the $1,000,000 of claims for breakfasts and travel.  YES, it is a waste of yours and my money and in fact they should all be embarrassed, and we have the right to be mad.  However, it has taken over the headlines, the conversations and the policy making in this country.

Or whether BC’s premier should have tweeted some picture, or Ontario’s premier should have said more (or less) about a certain subject, or whether the Bank of Canada Governor purposely used the word “and” instead of “or.”  Frankly it is getting WAY out of hand and I am witnessing an increasing trend of Canadians buying into this ‘distraction’ (which of course is just part of the battle for eyeballs on web-sites, the blogosphere, radio talk shows and TV news).

All I can say is that there there are MUCH MUCH more important things we should be discussing and debating.  And even then, most of those become distractions as we get drawn into them .  Sure there are MANY MANY things we should be upset about, so get upset, send a letter then move on.  The more you get caught up in these issues the less you are actually helping your business, your family and your children’s long term future.

Here’s an idea, as Strategic Investors we MUST stop getting caught up in these types of distracting stories and start focusing back on creating the life and financial freedom they are working towards. Let everyone else be distracted, not you.  Life is WAY to short to spend any energy on other people’s agendas

BTW, if you want to see how it looks from OUTSIDE Canada looking in, try this short video, as you will quickly discover why we must not get caught up in this type of ‘non-story’ story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQaAU38sZC8

(PS, it might be a bit embarrassing but oh, so true)

Set yourself up to win.  Here is even more detail on how to cut through the distractions: Discovering the Signals in a World of Increasing Noise

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