Getting the Real Information on Mortgages
Getting the Real Information on Mortgages

Resident Real Estate Expert
Don R Campbell talks on
CFMI in Vancouver

Getting the Real Information on Mortgages…

In a recent interview on CFMI in Vancouver we discussed the following information on the the current state of the mortgage and the Real Estate market in Vancouver.

Listen to this interview and discover:

  • Do you lock-in your mortgage or not?
  • Emergency rates are ending, but where are they going and how soon?
  • If you lock into a great mortgage, can you port your mortgage with you to another property?
  • Is there a Real Estate Frenzy in BC? Is it a good time to buy or sell right now?
  • What are the strategies to best ‘Time the Market’?
  • How do you get your money working hard for you?
  • Where are the best places to put your money for a return on your investment?
  • Finally, some great information for First time homebuyers: simple steps to take if you are considering buying right now

Enjoy the interview:

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