NDP Win in Alberta – Real-Life, Non-emotional research coming soon
NDP Win in Alberta – Real-Life, Non-emotional research coming soon

Strategic Investors Always, Always Look At Reality…

Sure the NDP win in Alberta should definitely grab your attention no matter where you live or invest in Canada. A massive government change in the province that provided Canada economic stability during the tough times since 2008 (and some would say even before that) can change the whole dynamic of the Canadian economy. Everything from transfer payments between provinces, to international bond ratings – the reality is everything COULD change.

The key word here is “COULD” and all you have to do is sign on to any Canadian website, Facebook or Twitter to see the many “COULDS” being thrown around. Speculating can be fun and the ‘venting’ can actually be cathartic.  However, neither are strategic.

Let me say, this is not our (REIN’s) first rodeo. Our strategic Members have found ways to prosper, through strategic actions under NDP governments in almost every province in the nation. In some cases it was easier and in others it was more difficult.

Our Research Deals With Realities Not Guesses.

Interesting times always bring interesting opportunities. We at REIN never just react to a shift, change or situation because we understand that what gets said or promised in election campaigns does not correlate with actual policy when reality strikes. We study, we interview, we gauge reality vs perception – then we help Members position themselves properly. This strategy has worked for 23+ years and will again in this situation.

You’ll note that we never jump into the fray when all of the non-factual, emotional speculation is running rampant. Our REIN team is on it, but we do know that any change (see Kyoto, Crash of 2008, NDP elections in Ontario and BC etc) always brings strategic opportunities. We like to base our research and analysis on the reality.

When the smoke clears and the emotions begin to have less of an edge, the reality will begin to emerge. It is never as bad as some say, and it is never as good as other say.

Just know this one thing – we will let the speculators speculate.  We are now working hard in the background (yes, even speaking with the new government elect and current bureaucrats as well as economists, bankers, demographers and those in the key industries).

REIN Members, you will always be the first to get the scoop so watch your emails closely over the next while.


NDP Win in Alberta – Real-Life, Non-emotional research coming soon was last modified: May 8th, 2015 by Don R. Campbell

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