Ontario Real Estate’s Future – Not as it seems
Ontario Real Estate’s Future – Not as it seems

Our research on the Ontario Real Estate Market has been uncovering some real gems and some real dangers.  Yet, sadly, the focus by the average consumer and investor seems to be on the exact wrong information.

Every year, right before the giant Real Estate Investment Networks’ annual ACRE Conference in the GTA, we go all hands on deck in the research team with a pure focus on the Ontario economy and the Ontario real estate market. And each and every year (this is our 23rd year of REIN) we uncover some trends that are silently changing the fact of the local market. Changes that are sometime minor in nature, but in many cases MAJOR shift.

Revealing this latest research, including rating cities and towns across the province for their future real estate performance is one of the major reason we host this annual conference.

In advance of the event, we recently hosted a 1 hr webinar discussing some preliminary findings and how and where some of these changes are occurring.  In this short discussion, we discussed Toronto neighbourhoods, Ottawa, Thunder Bay, Hamilton, GTA as a whole, as well as Ontario’s Tech Triangle.  We also dove into a bit on the future of interest rates and how to best take advantage of the coming Spring Time Mortgage Wars.

The good news is The Recording Worked! Which means even if you weren’t one of the hundreds on the call or if you were and want to share it with others on your real estate team or in your family and friends circle, it is now available to replay.  And it is no charge, free, nada…

Just head over to the link below and it will take you there. Follow the instructions as if you were registering for the LIVE webinar on the page and you’ll get instant access to the replay.

Replay of the “Ontario Real Estate Market Webinar”

And YES, even though it is a recorded replay from March 25th – the additional research documents and video we promised during the discussion will be sent to you for free.

PS, if you prefer to get your Canadian and Ontario real estate market information via our regular podcast titled “the Real Estate Insider” you can subscribe here on iTunes:

Click on this image to go to iTunes to subscribe to the Canadian Real Estate Insider Podcast


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