Ottawa Investors Must Unite In Voice Before October 16
Ottawa Investors Must Unite In Voice Before October 16
If you live or invest in the City of Ottawa your time to have your voice heard is  right now.  In fact the deadline is mid October, so best to do it today.

There is an opportunity to help design the future legislation for Secondary and Laneway suites in your city.  The city has already begun the process for making changes.

In my opinion, this is a great opportunity for you to be heard (and to also help your own business).

We all know that cities need to densify in order to continue to grow, without spending needless money on sprawling infrastructure.  We also know that providing safe-secure and legal secondary suites is one of the best ways to provide affordable rental housing to those who need it.  We also know that it is a good “Green” Choice especially if within walking distance of current and future LRT transit stations.So given that, let your voice be heard (and soon). Here are the steps:

#1b Read the full Discussion paper so you understand the full proposal:

#2  Complete this survey, in as much detail as you can:

#3 Stay on top of this story as it unfolds so that it is not taken over by the loud NIMBY crowd. Say your piece, repeat it and repeat it again.There are not many times when your voice can make a big long term impact on your community and your business.  This is one of them, so please act today.


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