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Below you will find just a small selection of the hundreds of unsolicited success stories and testimonial we receive on an almost daily basis. They cover every avenue of real estate investing, and many of them have some fantastic insights you can use in your real estate investing. Just click on each name below and their full stories will open up.

Many are from current REIN Members, who are creating success more quickly than they thought possible… real life experiences.

It truly gave me insights on what and how to look at investment properties. I never would have learned all I needed to know except through mistakes. Undoubtedly it has saved me thousands of dollars already. I feel empowered and knowledgeable to go out and start looking for my next property and realizing my dream. Thank You!
Carol Coote, Toronto, ON

I wish we had taken this course before we actually started investing in Real Estate four years ago. This will definitely make a difference in how I do Real Estate deals.
Shelley Greschner, Sherwood Park, AB

Best program/seminar I have ever attended. I had no knowledge really about Real Estate Investing. Attending ACRE™ has given me knowledge and confidence [on] how to achieve my goals involving Real Estate Investing. I also really appreciated Don Campbell’s willingness to speak with people like myself.
Raj Mann, Vancouver, BC

I’ve taken a lot of Real Estate courses, and in my opinion ACRE™ is the one-stop course for serious investors. No other course I have seen packs so much practical content for such an affordable price.
Andrew Wong, Vancouver, BC

Fantastic weekend. The confidence I have gained and the contacts I’ve made are well worth the price of admission. ACRE™ is a breath of fresh air. I’ve never encountered a group so committed to honesty, integrity and positivity in my life.
Dan Frisch, Toronto, ON

Wonderful content. I don’t know how anyone would get started without it! It has given me a great platform to start with. I now get the financing game. It also gave me some great insight to helping the business I currently own that will help me in Real Estate investing. The program has eliminated my fear of action!
Michelle Martin, Calgary, AB

So helpful we’re finally getting Canadian specific content! When to buy, where to buy, how to stand out and be noticed. How to quickly get what you want (investor binder, sandbox rules, etc.)
Leigh Dawson, Kelowna, BC

Life changing and hugely valuable…Priceless! Fabulous networking opportunity. I discovered that I can really do this, I gained the confidence I need, I had my questions answered, [and] I met positive people with really good advice!
Tasha Monaghan, Cambridge, ON

Great tools and networking, real Canadian content. I’ve taken other Real Estate seminars, and much of their information was not relevant.
Jean Clark, Enderby, BC

I have attended Real Estate seminars other than REIN™, but felt that something was missing, that I was missing a piece of the puzzle to take action! I appreciated the material presented at the REIN™ seminar because it broke everything down into achievable baby steps so that I feel more confident starting out and striving for the next ‘light post.’
Melanie Remillard, Fort McMurray, AB

Very informative and a quality presentation. No hidden agenda, priceless advice and information to get ahead. I went from being a skeptic to being a supporter.
Blaise Van Malsen, Vancouver, BC

I appreciated the sense of integrity I felt radiating from REIN and their Members. No one in the grey areas. Quickstart gave me a much clearer understanding of how to purchase property using fundamentals. It will definitely be a ‘defining’ 2-days in my real estate investing career
Lucy Robson, Staynor, ON

Without Question, the best system I have ever seen… the only COMPLETE system. I feel completely supported and more educated in how to invest in real estate using a step-by-step system that been proven many times. I have met many Members who have been long-time Members who have used the system to reach and surpass their goals and are still there supporting others. Thank you so much.
Norma Zelina, Toronto, ON

Truly inspiring, no fluff, only very useful and tangible information. This was more than I hoped for and I appreciate the pace, organization, and care that went into this seminar. Thank you.
Norm Fraser, Rossland, BC

Absolutely worth a 4.5 hour drive. I’ve always had a vision to invest in Real Estate, but never had the tools to use. Thanks for providing the tools to achieve my goals.
Melanie Remillard, Fort McMurray, AB

No Fluff or Hype

REIN is not only my #1 real estate education resource, it provides many other skills and support that spill over into other arenas of business and life.
The material and strategies learned are street smart, relevant and current. Without the ‘fluff’ and ‘hype’ of other Programs, REIN stands alone as simply the best, for anyone who is serious about creating wealth and prosperity in their lives.
Valden Palm—Edmonton, AB

Quality Of People

As a new REIN member I have been very impressed with the quality of the people I have met to date and the content of the meetings, the content of the written materials, and the content of the audio tapes.
I have already seen the advantages of belonging and participating to a group such as REIN.
John Moersch—Calgary, AB

Doors Flying Open

“I found it absolutely amazing how friendly vendors became when you told them you were part of a real estate investment group. Especially if they ask you if you were a real estate agent. After knowing that you were a buyer, they suddenly became very open and saw me as a credible buyer with the power to make deals happen instead of just a regular Joe with no credit and no cash (of course, those confident phrases that I learned from REIN really helped too. That extra openness from the seller is easily worth the price of being a member.”
Nathan Peters – Abbotsford , BC

First Time for Real Action

“Great information, I have spent thousands of dollars on other courses but this is the first one that I feel I can get started on Monday with real action.”
Patrick Plummer – Etobicoke, ON

Value Found When Action Taken

“I can’t imagine a better educational investment than being a member of REIN™. The value of what we are learning doesn’t become evident until the rubber hits the road. It gives one the confidence to get into the deals and know we have someone to call when we need help.”
Garet Bonn – Spruce Grove, AB

Membership Paid off Many Times Over

“I have received insights into the art of creating deals that are simply mind-boggling. The cost of my membership has paid off many times over in the past two years.”
Eldon Siemens – Tofield, AB

The Fear Is Gone

“Finally, I am not scared of real estate. I realized that I can do it because this program gives me a focus and logical system to follow.”
Duska Bazdar – Toronto, ON

Flawless Results

As a relatively new Member, I am amazed at the quality of information from the various Workshops and
instructional tapes. We’ve been implementing the various techniques in the system, with flawless results. Quite simply, this system is a must for all existing and prospective landlords. By implementing this system, you will increase your bottom line while significantly reducing your time commitment and headaches.
Brent Beagle – Rocky Mountain House, AB

Value & Results

I should tell you…so far I am very impressed with the “VALUE” I have received for my $200 / month! Not only am I getting more then my money’s worth…the service and response time from you all has been wonderful. Keep up the good work..
Chris Prefontaine – Calgary, AB

Best in North America

“Since becoming a REIN Member, I have acquired 3 pieces of real estate and am about to do a joint venture on my fourth.If it wasn’t for the dynamic-action oriented atmosphere of REIN, I would have never bought one.This is the best real estate group in North America located in the hottest real estate market in the world.What more can one ask for?Thank you to everyone at REIN for assisting me in my quest to break out of the rat race.With all your help and support, I know that it will become a reality for me. Thank You.”
Joe Iannuzzi – Calgary, AB

From Passively Thinking to Doing!

“I have thought about buying real estate for income for 30 years. This REIN™ program has changed my
mindset from thinking about it to doing it – and believing that it is not just possible, but necessary.”
Joan Watson – Etobicoke, ON

No Gimmicks, No Hype

“REIN™ is the best, and I highly recommend your group to people I meet who are interested in either becoming real estate investors or who want to take their current investing to the next level. No gimmicks, no hype – just sound useful information.”
Jean Cote – Okotoks, AB

“This is by far the best real estate networking group
I’ve ever come across, including the ones I’ve started!”

Robert Allen (Best-selling author of “Nothing Down” and “Creating Wealth”)

Confidence To Take Action

“The REIN™ strategies, and the simplicity of them, are sure to give anyone the confidence they need to excel in the game.”
Darryl Flint – Paris, ON

Easier and Better Way

“Even though new to REIN™, we have had rental property for about 15 years. We still have a lot to learn. At the Friday workshop (“17 mistakes made by landlords”), I think we’ve were making them all! Live and learn. That’s what REIN is doing for us – showing us an easier and better way.”
Cindy Rattai – Medicine Hat, AB

5 out of 5!

“REIN™ is extremely motivating. I am always amazed by how exciting it is to be with and meet others with the same objectives – a five out of five!”
Angie Wu – Toronto, ON

Five Properties in One Month

“I joined REIN™ last month and poured through the training material they provided. Using the techniques and doing due diligence on my part, I was able to buy five investment properties in one month. REIN’s extensive Q&A section, helpful forms, Insider Reports, and networking opportunities have given me the confidence and momentum to start my future rolling full-steam ahead.”
Brian Simpson – Sherwood Park, AB

Net Worth Grown Exponentially

“REIN™ has allowed me to increase my net worth exponentially. The very valuable information helps me
manage my properties with ease and foster a great business relationship with my tenants. Thank you Don and the REIN™ Team for leading such an incredible organization!”
Audrey Sloan – Drayton Valley, AB

Removes Guesswork and Uncertainty

“Logical. A workable system with a lot of uncertainty and guesswork removed. Guidelines, pro-formas and
explanations of the key areas. I like the balance between the money-making aspects and the necessary balancing of lifestyle dimensions. This approach is unique in investment counselling. Very well done.”
David Platt – Meaford, ON

Lifestyle Not Consumed with Financial Worries

“REIN™ Quickstart showed me it is possible to achieve a lifestyle that isn’t consumed by financial worries in the foreseeable future. Don’t be greedy, follow this detailed game plan consistently for real estate investing and you will be successful.”
K. Long— Red Deer, AB

“The Difference Between Dreams and Success is Action. REIN Members are Canadian Action Leaders… Become A Member
Today, and Turn Your Dreams Into Realities!”

Don R. Campbell

Canadian Specific System

“REIN™ is full of practical Canadian content presented in an organized and respectful system. It directly addresses how you get the money and financing you need to purchase enough real estate to achieve your goals.”
Tamara MacLaren – Ottawa, ON

Easier and Better Way

“Even though new to REIN™, we have had rental property for about 15 years. We still have a lot to learn. At the Friday workshop (“17 mistakes made by landlords”), I think we’ve and are making them all! Live and learn. That’s what REIN is doing for us – showing us an easier and better way.”
Cindy Rattai – Medicine Hat, AB

Never Equaled

“Without REIN™, I would not be a full-time real estate investor. I would still be a dental assistant. The REIN™ group could never be equaled in my mind. It’s great!”
Celeste Chaytors – Stony Plain, AB

Third Deal In Sylvan Lake

“We joined REIN™ and in about two months ago we closed our third deal in Sylvan Lake and are working on our fourth. Thank you, Don, for your encouragement and enthusiasm. It’s been pivotal in our investments.”
Chris Diehl and Steve Fernyc – Calgary, AB

Raise Kids & Invest in Real Estate

“We really appreciate the opportunity to be part of such a fantastic organization. It is because of REIN™ that I am able to spend 90% of my time with my daughter, Cassie. I will be eternally grateful for the skills I have learned which will enable me to succeed in real estate and raise my children at the same time.”
Julie Hoffman — Thorsby, AB

154 Properties with A Full Time Job

“Using your system I bought 154 positive cash flow properties, all while working a full-time job. I have since quit my job and now own over 350 properties.”
Arlen Dahlin – Edmonton, AB

“Knowledge is power, but it is powerless without action. REIN has provided me the skills needed to take action and helped me to use fear to motivate myself instead of being paralyzed by it.
REIN Is the Gretzky of real estate investing.

Jim Armitage – Red Deer, AB

Once Considered Excesses, Now Have Become Commonplace
The True Value of My REIN Membership
By Brian Chiles
As a child one of my favorite shows was “GET SMART”, basically a satire of the early James Bond Flicks. I would dream about the gadgets they had on the show, all of which back then were excessive, unnecessary and even absurd. Now, these gadgets are commonplace and everyday items!

The ultimate absurdity was his shoe phone, the thought at the time was there was no way you can get a telephone to be so small that it would fit into a shoe. However, today’s reality is that everyday I use a cell phone that
surpasses even that outrageous thought. How about Henry Ford’s Horseless Carriage, an excess back then… today everyone has a car in their driveway. The pong game has progressed to people from around the world communicating, and playing over the internet. How does this all pertain to real estate? It is really quite simple.

A SEED of thought was planted 17 months ago when I became a REIN Member, and since that day I have seen a gradual change in my thought processes, a change that makes me look differently at the events that surround us.

Earlier this week, I came under tremendous criticism for being ambitious, rich and even considered greedy, although I am $400,000 in debt and have a goal to be $1,000,000 in debt by Oct 28 2003. Of course this is productive real estate debt, not unproductive consumer debt.


Before the REIN seed was planted 2 properties was an excess… now 100 is an achievable goal. Just look at what others have already accomplished by sticking to the proven system taught at REIN!

As far as I can tell, what holds people back, is our belief system, our state of mind… or how we’ve been programmed by our society.

Only until you see that you can be programmed for success, will you see how the state of mind is the key. What were programmed in as excesses (unachievable) become every day occurrences. This is clearly evident when you are surrounded in the REIN meetings with others who have exceeded your dreams. Your reality expands
automatically… you start to visualize yourself succeeding. That success is not an excess.. but an everyday occurrence for many, many people in REIN.

The knowledge I gain as a Member is critical, important and essential, however the breakthrough came for me when I reached the point of clearly being able to say “YES, I can do that too, easily!”

And now that I have that belief, the results I am creating far surpass what I (just 2 years ago) thought were out-of-reach excesses. The critical day-to-day protection, from the “negative thinkers” and “Can’t Doers,” of my new found “Garden Spot In My Mind” is now my greatest challenge. I do not want to get pulled back into the ‘old world’ thinking ever again.

And through my REIN Membership and the monthly workshops, this challenge isn’t nearly as tough as I thought it would be. Thanks to REIN a new world of possibilities is now open to me.

Brian Chiles

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