Shopping On An Empty Stomach Can Be Hazardous To Your Real Estate Health
Shopping On An Empty Stomach Can Be Hazardous To Your Real Estate Health

Back to school season is on the horizon and it’s getting to be that time where you might have rented a cabin on the lake and enjoyed many relaxing days by the water – but when it comes time to pack up all your stuff, reality kicks in. During your stay, you may have sat outside, on a perfect evening at sunset, shared a glass of wine and looked over at your significant other and wistfully stated, “Honey, wouldn’t it be great to own a place out here?”

In the moment it is a PERFECT idea. “Living the life” whenever you want. We call that “Holiday Brain”, and it is the equivalent of heading off grocery shopping on an empty stomach – the EXACT wrong thing to do if you want to avoid a terrible purchasing mistake.

I sat down with Lynn Colliar of GlobalTV BC to chat about the topic of recreational property, as well as a number of other key points regarding the BC real estate market and the state of the market in the Lower Mainland. Check out the video below:

As average prices continue to be plugged in the news and headlines, we continue to stress how important it is to look past those numbers and find out what is really driving the bus. Many people would be surprised to know that markets outside the Lower Mainland are up 2% – not what you might read in the local rag.

With more new condos hitting the Vancouver market and prices staying high, many new home buyers are looking to the suburbs (Maple Ridge, Surrey, Pitt Meadows) to take advantage of lower prices. The new mortgage rules have also prompted buyers to re-asses their finances and in many cases, take a step down in purchase price rather than putting themselves into unnecessary debt.

Get tuned in to what’s going on in the BC market right now and find out where it’s headed over the next few months. Plus, there’s a hugely important tip for renters near the end of the video that you don’t want to miss – it could be the difference should the inevitable happen to your home. Until next time, happy investing!

Knowledge of the Real Estate Cycles is more important now than ever before. Make sure you stay ahead of the trends. This book will answer your questions as you try to decide if it is the time to buy, sell or keep your property be it a home, a cottage or an investment property – Secrets of the Canadian Real Estate Cycle

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