Snowbird Economics: A Primer for Canadians Heading South
Snowbird Economics: A Primer for Canadians Heading South

It is that time of the year again. The nights are getting colder, the snow is beginning to fall in many parts of Canada. Yes, for many, it is time to start heading south (or making a plan to head south) to warmer climates in the US.

This year, the rules have tightened for Canadians going to the US for the winter. However, most don’t know they have. The changes are subtle, but very important and the downside of not conforming to these new rules can have a very negative effect.

With the new tracking system, whatever strategy you, or someone you know, has used in the past to ‘extend’ the stay in the US will no long work.

As a primer, here is my most recent segment on BNN-TV discussing the pros and cons of being a Snowbird under today’s rules.  Take a watch, share it with anyone you know who may be looking for a retreat to the US in the coming months.

Pros and Cons Of Canadian Snowbirds Heading South


Additional information on the rule changes can be found here: Snowbird Rule Changes

And if you are planning on owning real estate down in the US (or you already do) make sure you are well protected with knowledge and tax strategies by picking up a copy of “Buying US Real Estate: Definitive Guide for Canadians”


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