Sophisticated Financial and Tax Tips
Sophisticated Financial and Tax Tips

Sophisticated Financial and Tax Tips

It’s not how much you make in Real Estate it’s how much you keep in Real Estate. CRA plays a major role in your investing, and you need to be on the right side of the tax equation. In a recent interview on CKNW I was asked some hard hitting questions about Real Estate, Mortgage rates and housing bubbles.

In this interview Sean Leslie and I dive head first into the following topics:

  • Does Real Estate offer better returns than the stock market?
  • Is Real Estate a good investment and how do you tell if it is a good investment?
  • Business Income tax vs Capital gain, how do you tell the difference?
  • Where do you find positive cash flow?
  • What are the exact questions you must ask in order to determine if your target market is positioned for long term growth?
  • How do you play offense and defense in this market
  • How to you take advantage of the Government infrastructure spending?
  • Is there a housing bubble in Canada?
  • Where will your money work the hardest for you?
  • What does the national research tell us about the future of Canadian economic growth?
  • What impact will happen with the new changes in the Mortgage rules?
  • What are the intended and unintended consequences from these new mortgage changes?
  • Is US Real Estate a good investment?

and much more…

Enjoy this exclusive interview from CKNW 980

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