The 4 Paradigms of Investing are Changing
The 4 Paradigms of Investing are Changing

The world is in constant change. Are you shifting with it or trying to use OLD strategies and plans in this new world?

In the world of investing not adjusting to changing realities can  be financially disastrous.  That is why the strategic and pragmatic investor is continually educating themselves on the “New Realities.”

In this post (link below) you will read about 4 financial world paradigms that are changing rapidly.  Enjoy, Adjust and win:

Shifting Your Investing Paradigms to Ensure a Financially Certain Future

By Richard Dolan

Before the internet, before the rise of real estate investment gurus and books on “How to invest”,  a real estate investor simply had to “Just do it”, to borrow from Nike. In other words, being a real estate investor twenty years ago looked very different.

Things have changed since then. They’ve evolved and become more complicated. Finding real estate deals, investing in them, borrowing for them, being taxed on exit or capital gains, who you can rent to and how – the entire landscape of real estate investing has shifted. A paradigm shift of sorts has occurred. Paradigm by its very definition means a worldview underlying the theories and methodology of a particular subject.

From my perspective…. <Read More>


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