The Must Have Books – Recommended Reading
The Must Have Books – Recommended Reading
In response to hundreds of request, I have begun to create a Recommended Reading list. These are books that have had a substantial impact on my life or business. Plus a few others that are just great reads. They cover many genres, and many types of business philosophy.

Enjoy these amazing reads (each book has a live link to make it easy to grab a copy from Amazon).

To add your own favorites, visit where Members are sharing books that have impacted their lives. Here’s a direct link, Recommended Reading from REIN Members

I look forward to reading your favorites, trust you’ll enjoy mine

Must Haves:

Law of Success: The 21st Century Edition by Napoleon Hill (Author)

This classic book, all 1,072 pages of it, should be on the desk of anyone interested in enjoying a successful and balanced life. It is not a sit down and read type book, it is more of a very practical reference guide to life and business. Over the last 20 years, there hasn’t been a month go by that I haven’t used this reference. Bottom line: GET IT!

Law of Success

Winners Never Cheat by Jon M. Huntsman

It is true, nice guys DO finish first. Discover that you can live by high standards, morality and integrity and still be incredibly successful. What a revelation, Chapters include Check your Moral Compass, Pick Your Advisors Wisely, Get Mad – Not Even, the Bottom Line and many more. Written by a true winner and self-made billionaire, everyone should read this at least once per year. The most important $21 you’ll ever spend.

Winners Never Cheat

Real Estate & Business

Commercial Real Estate Investing in Canada: The Complete Reference for Real Estate Professionals by Pierre Boiron (Author), Claude Boiron (Author)

Commercial real estate, which include multi-family properties, is a complex world in which to invest and having a solid background in the business of analyzing, buying and operating a commercial piece of property is critical. This book, all 672 pages of it, are packed with insights, strategies and key metric that any serious commercial real estate investor must understand.

Commerical Real Estate Investing in Canada

101 Tax Secrets for Canadians 2008: Smart Strategies That Can Save You Thousands by Tim Cestnick

OK, tax time is over. Whew. Now it is time to plan for next year so you don’t miss some key tax planning strategies that need to be started today. Don’t wait for next years deadline to look back and see the opportunities you missed. Whether you own real estate, operate a business or have a job, you’ll find some simple steps to take.

101 Tax Secrets for Canadians 2008

The Power of Focus: How to Hit Your Business, Personal and Financial Targets with Absolute Certainty by Jack Canfield, …

Focus is the Number one habit that the most successful investors and business owners continually work on. This practical guide will give you tools and action steps to help grab back more of your time.

The Power of Focus

The Speed of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything by Stephen M. R. Covey

Building relationships that you can trust in business is one of the cornerstones of long-term success. Stephen Covey provides insights into why some relationships are doomed to failure from the beginning, and why others last a life-time. If you are having a difficult time getting business deals done and closed, or just want to learn how to build you business more quickly, then this book is a must read.

The Speed of Trust

Getting Things Done by David Allen

I learned a long time ago, when you want to get something done, always give it to someone who is busy. Counterintuitive maybe, but it works. In today’s society, there seems to me increasingly more to get done. David Allen provided me with a system to get more done AND have more free time for myself, my family and my hobbies. A very simple book that even the busiest of us MUST take time to read so we can grab our lives back.

Getting Things Done

International Real Estate Handbook by Christian H. Kalin

Buying outside of Canada is fraught with hidden legal and tax issues that aren’t usually discovered until it is much to late. There is no question that before buying property in any other country, an investor must have this book on their shelves. Written by an international real estate and tax specialist, you can be confident in the accuracy of this information. You will find answers to questions that you didn’t even know you should know. The first major section of the book alone is worth the money, it includes detailed discussion on tax, legal, insurance and financing consideration no matter where you are buying. It even discusses International change of residence, if that is your ultimate goal.

International Real Estate Handbook

The Dip by Seth Godin

Really, any business owner should have the complete selection of Seth Godin’s books. His innovative and unique way of looking at business can shift you out of your patterns and habits to discover opportunities, you had never seen before, sitting right in front of you. In the dip, you will discover that sometimes the best thing to do is quit… the key is to know if it truly is time to dig in our jump out!

The Dip by Seth Godin

The Mystery of Capital by Hernando de Soto

Written by the President of the 2nd most important think tank in the world (according to The Economist Magazine) this very important study of world economies and how property rights can be the one catalyst that can turn a poor country into a prosperous one. There are 5 mysteries of Capital and the author reveals them all and shows how they affect the world. A heavy read worth working your way through if you are serious about understanding the base of capitalism.

The Mystery of Capital

The Power of Tact by Peter Legge

The subtitle says it all for this book – “It’s not what you say or do, it is HOW you say and do it.” Today’s society is filled with people not even knowing that they are repelling those they want to attract and you can see it in business, real estate and social settings. I think that everyone should read this book at least once in their lives, and it wouldn’t be too bad if it was a mandatory course in school. (or at least parents teach it to their children so that life becomes more easy for them).


The New Nutrition by Dr. Michael Colgan

A book that changed how I looked at food and nutrition. By opening my eyes to the reality of nutrition (not the marketing hype) I was able to grab control of my energy, have clearer thoughts and live life with much more enthusiasm. Did it happen over-night, of course not. But this book was the catalyst of this major change.

The New Nutrition

Happier by Tal Ben-Shahar (Author)

A simple title for a not so simple process – creating more happiness in your life and the world. This book is the basis of a very popular course at Harvard University. If you would like to amile more and have those around you smile more, this is a wonderful book.


Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t by Michael Losier

This book adds the missing component from the much talked about ‘The Secret.’ Real life strategies that anyone can use to help attract more of what they want in the life, business and real estate.

Law of Attraction by Michael Losier

Three Cups of Tea – by Greg Mortenson

An epic real story about how one person can make a massive difference in society, by bringing passion and vision and not allowing others, or road-blocks, to push them off their dream. Amazing true story of courage, vision and determination that will inspire anyone who reads it.

Three Cups of Tea

Searching for Bobby Orr by Stephen Brunt

An incredibly well written account of the NHL’s transition from a 6 team league to what we know today. Stephen Brunt’s writing makes the story leap off the pages and puts you back in front of the black & white TV on Saturday night for Hockey Night in Canada. A must for any hockey fan.

Searching for Bobby Orr

Round Ireland with a Fridge by Tony Hawks

One of the funniest books I have read in years, a PERFECT book for summer holidays. It is a well written journey around Ireland, YES with a fridge. The author took a bet that he couldn’t hitchhike around Ireland with a bar fridge and he turned it into a life changing journey and a turning point in his life. Be prepared to have people look at you when you’re reading it because you’ll be laughing out-loud throughout.

Round Ireland with A Fridge

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