Toronto’s Condo Market… Cautionary Tale or Full Steam Ahead?
Toronto’s Condo Market… Cautionary Tale or Full Steam Ahead?

Toronto’s Condo Market …
Cautionary Tale or Full Steam Ahead?

What Should Investors and Home Owners Do? 

One of the hottest topics in the country continues to be what is going to happen in the Toronto condo market. This is becoming a topic of contention, where facts are becoming blurred. Listen in as myself and Brian Persaud discuss the facts, the research and the pros and cons of investing in the Toronto condo market, and more importantly, what actions investors and home owners should be taking.

Watch this exclusive web training session and discover the following:

• Is there a glut of Toronto condos being built?
• Are Toronto condos sitting empty, being bought only by speculators, or being bought by homeowners?
• The pros and cons of investing in Toronto condos
• The numbers and the prices keep going up… Can this trend continue?
• How banks are lending against these buildings… Is there reckless lending or are the banks conservative in their lending practices?
• If you are invested in Toronto condos – 4 top strategies to increase your cash flow
• How the sales numbers being reported and how they can be misleading
• Can you buy a Toronto condo with positive cash-flow?
• Are population growth numbers supporting the growth in condo properties in the GTA?
• Are foreign investors buying up all the Toronto condos? Who is buying these properties?
• Will the issuing of the ‘Super Visas’ have an impact on the Toronto condo market?
• If you have $300,000, where in the GTA should your money go to insure a good ROI?
• And much much more…


Click the Video player below to watch the exclusive interview

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If you would like the audio only download >> click here.


If you are currently investing in Canadian real estate hope to do so soon… or even if you invest outside the country, the information presented above is immensely important. Understanding exactly what is going on in Toronto and all of Eastern Canada is key to making smart investment decisions for the next decade and beyond.

I trust this research has been helpful to you and your investment business and if it has, it would be great to hear back from you. Even better – repost, re-blog, forward or tweet anything and everything you learned!

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