US Election Fallout 2016
US Election Fallout 2016

Over Reaction The New Normal

Interesting, given the US election culmination last night, how the theme for the last two months of Real Estate Investment Network Workshops “Curtain” segments were all about “Focus on Policy not Personality” and “Deal with the rules and changes as they ARE not as you wish them to be.” It is CRITICAL that we remove our ‘politically tinged glasses’ in order to see reality.

Being strategic, being pragmatic, and attempting to be ‘unemotional’ (not always possible) is how to have the world work in your favour no matter what policy, politician or rule is changed or thrown our way.

I don’t deal in conjecture, I’m good at forecasting, extrapolating and adjusting – and making changes work in our favour (just as my friend Derrick Sweet does) . But this can only be done when facts arise or policies are enacted.

But in order to do so, one must remove oneself from the screaming, the moaning, the fear etc (even if some of it is justified – and it is) and step back and wait for reality.

So until any actual policy is announced or enacted with Trump’s new government, there’s nothing to say that wouldn’t just be conjecture. (Well, it seems  lot of people can find things to say including a lot of remarkable ‘fiction’ that is being blagged on about in mainstream media, social media and blogosphere.)

No matter who won, it wasn’t going to be the best choice for Canada. But that is what democracy is all about. Many Albertans awoke to this reality after the last election and many Canadians felt the same sense of “Wonder” after the recent Federal election.

Strategically, you have to understand that there is a long wait until policies are announced and longer for them to get enacted. Campaign rhetoric doesn’t translate into policy (as we’ve seen in our recent election) and even when they are enacted it takes time for their impact to be felt. Some of it will be bad, some of it will be good and most of it will be innocuous posturing.

So breathe, go check out some other posts that aren’t dragging you into this debate, fear, conversation (PS you do control what you get to absorb).

You have a life to live, a family to look after, a business to run, a job to be the absolute best at and some fun to be enjoyed.  Visit me on Facebook ( )

Smile, laugh and watch the firm grip of ‘establishment’ be shaken up again. No one, not even the new President, knows what the future holds or what the reality of their policies will be (see our recent gov’t changes – 1 year in). Everything takes time, especially in government. Will we like all of the policies our provincial, federal and international governments invoke upon us?  No, but can we adjust to find out how we can make them work for us, in most cases yes.

And PLEASE PLEASE take time on November 11th to remember those who have fought for our right to cast a ballot. This is especially true even if you don’t agree with the election outcome. The outcome is democracy. Feel free to share this post and spread some calmness.

With love, peace and understanding,

Don R. Campbell

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