Warning: A Scary Future is Unfolding and No One is Stopping It
Warning: A Scary Future is Unfolding and No One is Stopping It

This is for ALL Canadians, Americans, British and Australians to ponder as we look at the direction our current governments are taking our futures.  Sorry that it is not a prettier or brighter outlook, but it is here as a cautionary tale that if you happen to be NOT looking at self reliance and you’re counting on someone or some govt or corporation to look after you in the future – I hope this is a bit of a crystal ball into the future.

It doesn’t take much thought to see that when you combine the debt of this size, the “Today Mentality” and the giant demographic bubbles we are seeing on each end of the spectrum (Baby Boomers and Millennials)  you get a very difficult future ahead in the coming decades (yes we need to plan for decades not monthly).

Let me first warn the people of ‪#‎Ontario‬, before you click on this link please know it shows a very scary picture of your future as it is pretty well all set in stone for you – so YOU need to start acting now.  It shows that your province has just hit a World Record for debt by a non-sovereign entity. Embarrassing, frightening, angering – and yet so many are STILL are in their echo chamber thinking it is justifiable. (PS this doesn’t include the dramatic cost of living increases that have been thrown on you (see electricity cost increases as one)

Now for those outside of Ontario, this model is now being followed by Alberta Gov’t AND more recently the Federal Gov’t in Canada, it is being discussed in UK and Australia as a go-to strategy.

This has to stop or our next generation will NEVER be able to get out from under it, meaning they will rely upon the Gov’t to get by …..

Hey wait – THAT must be the master plan. Now we should be even angrier.  Check out this live link to see Ontario’s future ticking away from their citizens – especially the millennials.


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