What’s Next for the Globe & Canada?
What’s Next for the Globe & Canada?

What’s Next for the
Globe & Canada?

Could it be that people are
allowing themselves to be fooled?

YOU Can make more of a difference than the government

The sad part is that the parties know that FEAR makes people make poor decisions – so they are stirring up the fear, making the economic situation WORSE by doing so. No, why would anyone vote for someone who wants to DESTABILIZE a country in time of turmoil.

YES what they used to call global warming and they now call climate change (that way it can be argued either way) is an issue that will affect what is going on in the world. But a system of trading carbon credits, or taxing the big bad corporations (read: employers of the majority of Canadians) isn’t going to do much more than provide OPTICS for those proposing such. Everyone was FOR the carbon tax in BC – until it came in and actually added expense to the average consumer (gas, autos, environmental levies) and now the same people who wanted it are saying that the government were crazy to implement it. Do you think the same thing would happen on the national stage – OF COURSE it will. Someone pays the tax at the end of the day – and at the end of ALL lines in an economy are the consumers of the goods (you and I).

Here’s an idea, let’s start looking at how we can all reduce our consumptions. Turn off those extra lights, turn down the thermostat (or program it it do it for you), turn off the TV (imagine how much energy that would save if we all just shut of the TV for a couple of days a month). Here’s another thing to consider – how about if we all just started to PAY ATTENTION to what we eat and where it comes from. Why do we insist on buying specialty apples from some other country when we grow perfectly good ones right there (think how much carbon that would take out of the air). It is NOT just the big bad corporations who create carbon, they create carbon to provide you and I with what we demand… if we didn’t demand it there wouldn’t be any profit in it and they wouldn’t make it. How many miles does YOUR food travel to come to your plate, can YOU make a difference by paying more attention to the distance your food travels ABSOLUTELY! A lot more than more government regulations.

The “GREEN SHIFT” has to come from you and I not some government theory. Consolidate your trips to the store, while there, look at where the product came from (and choose local or closest to you!), read books on “Food Miles”.
I just wish the public would look around a bit, not buy into horrible rhetoric and boil down to the facts – we need economic stability before we can afford the billions and billions of dollars of programs that these politicians are promising.

By the way, increasing taxes is NOT going to help stimulate the economy – it will slow it down. Does anyone really believe that adding more taxes is actually going to be ‘returned to the people’ as some of these leaders are spouting. Come on, who are they fooling (sadly more than ever).

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