Why Negative Momentum CAN Produce Amazing Results – If You Harness It
Why Negative Momentum CAN Produce Amazing Results – If You Harness It

Negative moments can turn into negative momentum which in turn can either destroy OR become the greatest moments of your life. Let’s discuss how and why.


There are days when it just feels like ‘the world’ is out to get you. THOSE are very important days. THOSE are the days where you must turn on your awareness. THOSE are the days that can become major turning points in your life, if you allow them to be.

When you allow ‘upset momentum’ to grow during your day, like a snowball rolling down a hill, it accumulates more anger, pain, victimhood and frustration. You begin to seek it out and then it seems as if it is seeking you.

The momentum, and thus you, become a magnet for all that is wrong. You see wrong, pain, hurt, everywhere and in every situation. Then the momentum, quietly and unnoticeably, gains speed and control.

You begin to make-up hurt/pain/frustration even in the most innocuous situation. We’ve all had those days where everything seems to be against your wishes.

“Hey, that guy stole “MY” parking spot!” (as if it was yours). “I can’t believe they didn’t TEXT me first.” “Wow, I left them a message and they didn’t immediately respond” “I can’t believe they …….” Looking and judging external situations and making every situation about you and how it is obviously directed at hurting you. Like the world is “Out Too Get You.”

The Negative Circle Tightens

The cycle gets so tight that it becomes incredibly destructive, so much so that people DO begin to avoid your call, people DO begin to not appreciate you, people DO start to say things like “Wow, what’s up with them? I think I’ll avoid them for a while” –

in other words, IF the momentum is allowed to continue it becomes self-fulfilling.

Our job as mindful, thoughtful and intelligent human beings is to identify then STOP the momentum in its tracks before it gets out of control. Then for us to stop, take a few breaths and understand that the world doesn’t care enough to be “Out To Get You” and sometimes, many times, it’s just our brains stuck in a rut of “Victim/upset Momentum.”

It is OUR choice whether to let it continue or stop it – because no one else will (or can).

Just my thoughts while observing the world and how some people go through it.

If this article resonates with you, please feel free to share it. Let’s help ourselves, and others, ‘stop that momentum.’

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Don R Campbell

Don R Campbell

Senior Analyst: Cutting Edge Research Inc AND Chief Visionary of Maple Lane Agriculture Innovation Centre
Why Negative Momentum CAN Produce Amazing Results – If You Harness It was last modified: February 17th, 2020 by Don R. Campbell

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